Enrich Leadership through Readership

Neville Rankine Jr. | Founder & Executive Director

Born in Brooklyn, New York of West Indian decent, I grew up in a predominately Hebrew Moor neighborhood until the age of 13 when my family moved us east into Long Island. It was there I was exposed to the reality in which my teachers had been coming from. I had horse stables down the block from my house and grass on football playing fields at school. Perspective is something I learned early at an early age - helping others to reach and value their own, is what drives my day-to-day Ad-Ventures.

What is #CommonCents™?

Kidlightenment™ was born in 2012 when I was on the subway back to my office after picking up a few t-shirts that were recently printed to sell for an event.  Two teachers were having a pretty open conversation about the daily situations they are facing with children in their classes. The kids don't, won't and some can't read or write properly and they're spending money egregiously. And the books and resources they do request get rejected due to funding issues where the teacher is forced to now come out of pocket to get something progressive done. 

Whether it was a coincidence or a sign, simultaneously two grown men (dressed like children) are also pretty open in their conversation about how they just spent on sneakers this morning. The same amount the teachers requested as their budget for the year.  Realizing later in their conversation that the teachers grew up in my back yard coupled with being on the train in my childhood community... I realized something went wrong. 

So as a problem solver, I set out to fix it.  There has got to be a way to help communities help themselves without discounting anyones hobbies, luxuries or interest. Hence I created The Kidlightenment Project or #CommonCents™  - a financial literacy initiative that converts everyday transactions into currency available to community schools to use. 

Innovatorlist.com™ is the network of business owners and professionals that inspire and sponsor that cause.