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Why you should mentor...?


Mentors help individuals explore opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to grow in their career.  And as any successful business owner knows, it’s not easy to find "good" candidates when left to filter through a large number of resumes, scheduling interviews and follow ups to next expectations, all on your own.

You have a business to run, we understand that - so we take care of all of that for our member Directors. Each quarter we enable certified and licensed professionals to virtually engage student entrepreneurs seeking to build a business or earn college credits for earning experience in their major. We have a large number of really high caliber candidates from campuses across the nation that would love to work and learn from "active" professionals.

Our candidates are a cut above your average student because:

- they come from great colleges - they’re really committed to their role - they looking for part-time opportunities up to 20 hours per week - they are available all year round.

Through the efforts of The kidlightenment Project™ and #Common_Cents™, Leaders Are Born, LLC, is currently the one of fastest-growing mentorship communities in the world. Unique in creating a fully transparent ecosystem of progressive professionals seeking the leadership, mentorship and experience to convert conversations into profits.

Our motto: 

"Always offer another with potential, access to an available opportunity to progress. Their actions from there, are their successes or struggles - not your fault or business". ~NLR Jr.

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