Are you a leader?

Mentors help others explore opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to grow in their career.

Through The kidlightenment Project and #Common_Cents™, Leaders Are Born, LLC is currently the one of smartest-growing mentorship communities in the world, creating a fully transparent ecosystem of progressive professionals seeking the leadership, mentorship and experience to convert conversations into profits. Each quarter, our Corporate Learning Partnerships with campuses across the nation, enable certified and licensed professionals to engage student entrepreneurs seeking to; build a business or earn college credits for earning experience in their major. 

Our motto: 

"If life is the game... Join. Play. Win."

#LeadersAreBorn. #LegendAreMade. ™


kidlightenment™ accepts sponsorship in both monetary and/or product/service offerings; please take a look at the link below for sponsorship tiers. Typical contributions range from $99.00 Media Exposure packages to $500+ in Event Prize & Giveaway support.

All sponsors interested in recognition during our #Common_Cents™ Fundraiser Events must submit a request to kidlightenment@leadersareborn.co at least 10 business days prior to scheduled event. Qualified sponsors will be provided additional marketing opportunities on our social media pages. Your support is very much appreciated and every share helps.