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" Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. " ~ Gilbert K. Chesterson

Our mission is complex, however our objectives are simple. With penmanship as our foundation - our effort is to enrich the value of creative communication and eliminate financial illiteracy, one transaction at a time.

Why value our pen? Simple, with respect to food, water, shelter  and clothing, communication is necessary to sustain any progressive civilization. What better symbol to represent that effort than a pen that looks cool, writes well and supports both community & literacy. 

100% of pen proceeds are dedicated to supporting educational programs and humanitarian initiatives serving the communities in which each pen is shipped.

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The kidlightenment Project™ is supporting The Book Fairies by matching one-to-one book donations to book purchases! The Book Fairies are a literacy nonprofit that provides better access to books in high-need communities. Donated books will be distributed to disadvantaged schools and organizations locally and worldwide. 

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Attend our invite only #Common_Cents™ Community Networking & Career Fair sponsored events for an exclusive opportunity to meet other leaders innovating in your community.

Our #Common_Cents financial literacy conferences are community uplifting events where "active" local businesses come together to learn more and network with students and professionals. These cursive appreciation events do more than open new doors to existing brick and mortars, our events provide local high school & college students with experience, credits, as well as mentorship-to-job & job-to-career opportunities. 

Next Event Date: *Invite Only

Event Location: *Invite Only

Event Time: *Invite Only

Event Offers:

100+ Local and regional student & professional attendees

10+ Local and regional business showcasing tables

Exclusive #Common_Cents offers & presentation

Vendor Raffles include: 

Free haircuts, tutoring services, health & wellness packages, studio sessions w/ free beats, 

plus much more...

*Event proceeds are crypto-encrypted and awarded to schools local to event venue. 

Join us and receive $5 USD in #CryptoCurrency courtesy of #Common_Cents™

Restrictions may apply.

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