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kidlightenment™ is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to universal financial literacy and the progressive development of children PreK - College.

Innovatorslist.com is the network of local business owners and professionals that use #Common_Cents™ to help champion that cause.

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How We Innovate


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Each quarter kidlightenment™ sponsors collegiate fundraising campaigns advocating for universal financial literacy to underserved communities locally and worldwide.

Our Leadership

"Thoughts can become tangible to anyone willing to wield the ink from a pen." ~NLR Jr.

How We Educate


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Mentors help students explore opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to grow in their career. Our weekly conversations with industry professionals are dedicated to providing that leadership.

"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln

How We Grow


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Each quarter we dedicate proceeds from our commemorative support towards #Common_Cents™ - a community resource for local professionals to support local students and progressive organizations.

Innovatorslist™ is the network of business owners & professionals that sponsor that cause.

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Ready to share a few gems towards financial literacy? Join our weekly podcast conversation as a featured speaker, sponsor or VIP Virtual Guest.


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The kidlightenment Project™

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