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A financial literacy & penmanship appreciation endeavor dedicated to the progressive development of children PreK - 12.


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The almost lost art of handwriting is one of the few ways we can uniquely express ourselves. Handwriting allows us to be artists and individuals during a time where texts and e-mail rule our communication. Enroll today to learn more about our latest local, national and worldwide progress in preserving handwriting and its tools as art.

Our #Common_Cents financial literacy conferences are community uplifting events where "active" local businesses come together to learn more and network with students and professionals. These cursive appreciation events do more than open new doors to existing brick and mortars, our events provide local high school & college students with experience, credits, as well as mentorship-to-job & job-to-career opportunities. 

Exclusive Event: "How to use crypto like cash!"

Featured Speaker: LatinoTech, CTO, Carlos S. Aquino

Join our mission to empower every student & teacher with the progressive resources required to learn and earn more. All qualifying attendees receive $5 USD in #CryptoCurrency. 

Restrictions may apply.

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About Us

How We Innovate

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The kidlightenment Project™ is a financial literacy initiative that converts everyday transactions into currency available to community schools locally and worldwide.

Innovatorlist.com™ is the network of professionals that sponsor that cause.

Curious about #CryptoCurrency? Attend our next event and learn "#How_to_use_crypto_like_cash".

How We Educate

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Mentors help individuals explore opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to grow in their career. Our community of business owners and professionals are dedicated to providing that leadership.

"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln

How We Grow

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Each quarter we dedicate proceeds from our commemorative pens towards   #Common_Cents™ - a community uplifting event where aspiring local students meet inspiring local mentors.

Our motto: 

"Thinking about it - is only the first step. Applying intangible thoughts to tangible paper can transform any dream, into a shared reality."

Students and Mentors... a NewYork State of Mind.

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The kidlightenment Project™

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