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Each quarter kidlightenment™ sponsors collegiate fundraising campaigns advocating for #Common_Cents™ -

- a community resource for industry professionals to support local students and progressive organizations.


Our Values


Mentors help students explore more opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to grow in their career.

"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln


Our Community


kidlightenment™ is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to universal financial literacy and the progressive development of children worlds-wide.

Innovatorslist is the exclusive network of local business owners and professionals that use #Common_Cents™ to both inspire and sponsor that cause.

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From weekly financial literacy activations to monthly eSports tournaments, our #Common_Cents Events are dedicated to inspiring financial literacy and enriching more communities through progressive conversations.

#LeadersAreBorn. #LegendsAreMade. #Common_Cents. ™

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